What is your name? Who are you right now?

I am Janie Michael. I am a modern woman, with a deep and abiding relationship to Mystery, Nature and Timelessness. I feel a sense of freedom deep in my bones. I'm curious about Life, Love and Truth. I embrace my evolution! 

What is your passion?

My passion is play: the art of creatively engaging with life, movement: embodiment of my own unique impulse, and communion: the art of intimate sharing. 

What is your defined role in the 10-day course?

I will serve as a transformational facilitator and teach several segments, in English, at the 10-day course.

I will lead a Basic Course with Josepha. I will be leading the Evolutionary Sexuality. I will also be facilitating a process that explores transforming fear into openness to Life, called Fear Dance. Finally,

I will be co-creating Bodyhan Day with Sandra.